A Christian Non-Profit Organization

Core Values & Code of Ethics


Simply put, the Body of Christ is made up of every person who has made a decision to trust Christ for salvation, believing in Him for help every day. The Body of Christ is therefore worldwide, crosses denominational lines, and is directly under the headship of Jesus Christ (Ephesians 1:22). To be a member of the Body of Christ is an issue of personal relationship with Jesus Christ and trust in Him for forgiveness. It is God’s primary goal for every person to come to Christ and become part of the living, vibrant, productive organism of the Body of Christ, the worldwide church.



Every ministry of Assist Local shall be focused on seeking and maintaining the Lordship and direction of Jesus Christ over his Body. Each individual Ministry Director shall continually seek His mind and will, through His Spirit and the Word of God in all actions and decisions.



Every ministry of Assist Local is organized for the purpose of fulfilling Jesus Christ’s Great Commission: to preach the gospel, baptize people, and teach them—helping them become active, reproducing disciples. In order to do so, every ministry of Assist Local encourages members to take the next step in following Christ and so commit themselves to becoming a Participating Member of our family of ministries, a step of discipleship which brings them into unity with the Vision, Mission, Core Values, Statement of Faith, and into service of this one, local expression of the Body of Christ.



The Board of Directors of Assist Local Foundation may appoint ministries, departments, corporate divisions and standing committees for the conduct of particular ministry and business of Assist Local, by special resolution entered into the minutes of their meetings, fixing responsibilities and powers of such corporate entities, their duration, composition and regulation. The President of Assist Local Foundation shall serve as an ex officio member on all such corporate entities. The Chairman of each such committee shall be designated by the Board of Directors of Assist Local Foundation. Persons so appointed shall be selected from among the participating membership of Assist Local..



All staff members and volunteer leaders shall be active participating members of Assist Local and shall be mature persons full of the Holy Spirit, whose faithfulness shall have been in evidence and who shall meet the qualifications described in 1 Timothy 3:8-12. Every staff member must maintain the scriptural requirements as set forth in God’s Word, the Bible, consistent with the teachings of I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9. All staff members and volunteer leaders shall be persons of high moral character and integrity as set forth in these Codes of Conduct.



All staff members and volunteer leaders shall be:

  • Worthy of respect. Inside and outside the Church, as someone whose high credibility and good character has earned the respect of others.
  • Sincere. A staff member must not serve for personal gain but for the best interests of the ALN.
  • Examples of moderation. Must be self-controlled, enslaved to nothing, free from excesses.
  • Free from greed and financial dishonesty. Must not use ignoble means to gain wealth, free from materialism, generous with their resources,
  • Committed to the deep truths of the faith with a clear conscience. Teachable, willing to admit mistakes, nurturing healthy relationships, not hypocrites.
  • Not malicious talkers. Does not use their knowledge of others to hurt them, but to help them.
  • Trustworthy. In every aspect of life, small and large, can be trusted to do the right thing.
  • Tested. Willing to subject themselves to scrutiny so that their gifts, talents, passions, and experiences can be best used for service.
  • A Christ follower of one spouse. If married, must be a devoted spouse.
  • Be a good parent. Must be devoted to the healthy family life.
  • Manage his or her own household affairs well. Must be good stewards of their own resources, keeping their own affairs in order.




All volunteers of Assist Local ministries shall abide by the following:

  • Shall be polite, pleasant, and enthusiastic at all times while working as a representative of our organization.
  • Shall express gratitude and avoid any negative comments or body language regardless of responses to our request for donations or other assistance.
  • Shall NOT be aggressive or pushy in any situation.
  • Shall NOT become involved in any political discussions.
  • Shall follow the rules of merchants, corporations, and host organizations of which we have been invited for public events, ministry or fundraising, so that all the ministries of Assist Local maintains a positive image and is welcomed to return in the future.
  • Shall be on time for the preparation, set up, take down and clean up of all community events, for all shifts, as scheduled.