A Christian Non-Profit Organization

Our Family

The Assist Local Family of Ministries

Local Veterans Support Fund

Team Leaders: Steve McGee


  • Support for homeless veterans returning to our local communities.


Support 4 Soldiers

Team Leader: Steve McGee


Our goal is to provide support and encouragement for our troops through prayer, Military Daily Bread, cards, letters, and gift packages throughout the year, so that they know they have not been forgotten. Our program includes:

  • Frequent shipments of care packages to the troops overseas throughout the year.
  • Prayers and Letters of Encouragement for the Troops.


Projects 4Hope

Team Leaders:  Greg Treseder


An opportunity for the whole family to serve together, as we share love of Jesus with our community. Renovation projects helping the Oppressed, Poor & Elderly in our local communities.



Team Leader: Steve McGee


An opportunity for the whole family to serve together, as we share love of Jesus with our community. All ages welcome. The Impact projects are designed to “serve our community for Jesus” through community service projects. The projects often include planting flowers, trimming trees, mending fences, painting and cleaning with various local partners as well as other city agencies. We currently support projects with local public schools, Parks and Recreation, food banks, transition centers, animal rescue shelters, convalescent homes, and more.


HandOuts 4 Hope

Team Leaders: Steve McGee


Care Packages for the Homeless – Hand Out some Hope, and help Someone in Need.

  • Our Care Packs include:
  • Plastic container with lid
  • 8 oz. bottled of water
  • Nature Valley Granola Bar
  • Package of Sanitary Wipes
  • Standard Shaving Razor
  • Band Aids
  • Hygiene Products
  • Candy or Treat
  • $5 Gift card
  • Small Personal Bible


Good Samaritan Team

Team Leaders: Steve McGee


We love to help. That’s our mission and ministry. We exist to provide service to those in need in our community. Whether it’s helping move across town, painting a room, or fixing a leaky faucet – we have a team of willing servants ready to step in. We do it because we love Jesus and we’re called to look out for the interests of others. Jesus was the ultimate example of a servant, and we strive to follow that model by meeting needs in our community and being the hands and feet of Jesus.


Super Seniors

Team Leaders: Tim Kulton & Bill Tanner


Our mission is to have Jesus’ love flow through us to the elderly while tending to their spiritual, emotional, and social needs. Our Program includes:

  • Church Services — We are currently offering weekly Sunday church services at: Folsom Convalescent Hospital, Emeritus, Creekside Oaks; and several Care Homes.
  • Worship
  • Reading Ministry
  • Group Activities
  • Chatter Time
  • Animal Visitation
  • Beauty Care