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Care Packages

Remember the old saying:  “It’s the thought that counts”?

APPRECIATION – Over and over again, we get feedback from our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines about how much they appreciate receiving our care packages.  We send large boxes jam-packed with high quality items, but it’s not just what’s in the box; it is the thought that counts!

Our Thank You cards and messages from supporters of all ages and locations as far away as the East Coast. a letter of encouragement from a WWII P.O.W., a note of recognition from a Marine veteran of Dessert Shield, and a heart-warming letter about sacrifice, patriotism and freedom from a 13-year-old Filipino girl are just a few of the “thoughts that count.”  Yet, we appreciate them even more than words can express.


ENCOURAGMENT – The heart of what we do!  Uplifting messages in “Thank You” cards and on “We Support Our Troops” and “Don’t Tread On Me” flags can be displayed on base as a continual reminder that we’re thinking about our military personnel. 



 A special care package was sent with love to each member of this brigade…. 




Care packages are prepared by team members of all ages.


A TASTE OF HOME – Essential supplies to which they may not have easy access at their locations of deployment, and goodies that bring them “a taste of home” are a reminder to these amazing men and women that they are not forgotten, and that we are behind them 100%.

Dozens of encouraging messages from Americans back home let our troops know how much we admire them, thank them for protecting our  country, and preserving our freedoms.  They are awesome!


and to this platoon too!    

440 Care Packages in this shipment!  WOW!